Hydro-jet boat, freight version


The cargo room on the boat occupies the hull compartment from 5 to 14 frames and has an awning curtain made of waterproof fabric, supported by arcs of steel pipes. In the area of 14-19 frames there is a service cabin with one berth for a shipping forwarder . The berth for the mechanic captain is a sofa in the cockpit on the starboard side.

25 km/h
Speed Under full load
30 km/h
Speed Without cargo
2.3 tonn
Carrying capacity
13.12 m
3.2 m
3.3 m

On the inner side of the deck stringer, in the area of 3-14 frames, there is a cargo compartment coaming with a height of 450 mm made of 2 mm thick sheet metal with a gunwale made of a bent square 50x40x3 mm and brackets 2 mm thick on each frame.

The transverse bulkheads of the hull are made on 3-5 frames (forepeak bulkhead), on 14 and 19 frames. Nose bulkhead from the bottom to a height of 830 mm from the BL at the fifth 5 frame has a thickness of 2.5 mm with vertical stiffeners made of 32x20x3 mm angle bar; the bulkhead at the third frame is 830mm higher than the BL, as well as its horizontal section between 3 and 5 frames, are made of a 2 mm thick sheet metal with stiffeners made of 25x24x3 mm angle bars.

The transverse bulkheads on 14 and 19 frames are made of 2.5 mm thick sheet metal with vertical stiffeners made of a 32x20x3 mm angle bars, with a shelf and two buttresses made of a 70x30x3 mm curved profile.

The superstructure and the cabin of the riveted structure are made of 1.5 mm thick alloy sheets (1561 alloy); a superstructure board (extension to the stern of the cargo compartment coaming) and a bulwark with longitudinal stiffeners made of 20x15x1.5 bulb angle and frames made of a bent channel 45x18x1.5 mm;

In the fore part, on both sides in the area of 1-14 frames, a stationary railing made of steel pipe with a diameter of 25 mm and a height of 700 mm is installed with a gap of 600 mm wide for passage from the nose (in the travel mode it is closed by a raised nose gangway).

Handrails made of 25 mm tube are provided on the sides of the cockpit and on the platform of the cockpit bulwark. The guard rail and handrails are used for the passage of the crew into the bow of the boat by the side deck when the craft is stopped.

The coverings of the service cabin and the superstructure are attached to wooden flat bearers, impregnated with an antiseptic and fire retardant. The coverings are made of 4 mm thick fiberboard panels coated with light-colored vinyl leather with a foam underlayer, and the deckhead is covered with the same panels covered with white colored vinyl leather. The cabin floor is made of 10 mm thick bakelized plywood, covered with fitted carpet; the rudder house deck, gangway and the raised platform surface are covered with fitted carpet too.

The toilet wall coverings made of PVC boards (siding) are attached to wooden flat bearers, the floor is covered with ceramic tiles on a cement foundation.

The height of the compartments, from flooring to ceiling:

in the service cabin –1950 mm,
in the rudder house - 1900 mm,
above the raised platform - 1500 mm,
in the toilet - about 1850 mm

The cockpit is outfitted with sofas installed either on the starboard and/or on the port side, according to the customer's request.


The boat if completed with the following life-saving appliances: a life buoy with a 30m line, a self-igniting light buoy and two life vests, stored under the sofa in the rudder house.

Fire-fighting equipment includes two powder fire extinguishers of the OP-2 type (one in the service cabin, one in the rudder house), a canvas cover and two buckets stored in the service cabin.


Sewage system.

Since the vessel is outfitted with a dry closet, the sewage system is not installed on board.

Ventilation system.

For the ventilation of the engine compartment, an air stream coming through the ventilation grilles of the right and left sides in the area of 19-24 frames is used as well as the ventilation ducts in the main deck; air is sucked out through the aft ventilation grills in the bulwark and channels in the main deck with K-170 electric fan. The batteries located in the box on the deck of the open cockpit are ventilated naturally through the openings in the box on the inside of the box and the ventilation grilles on the outside of the bulwark.

The ventilation of the rudder house is effected by means of the opening windows on the right and left sides and by suction of air with VN-2 electric fan installed on the bulkhead of frame 24.

Cabin 14-19 it is ventilated due to the inflow of air from the cabin through the doorway and outflow through the grille in the aft wall of the raised platform, in the opening of which a VN-2 fan is installed.

The toilet is ventilated by means of VN-2 electric exhaust fan installed on the bulkhead of frame 24.


Drainage of the forepeak, bilge waters of the cargo compartment and service cabin can be effected by means of MD2.962.001 manual pump with pump rate of 0,5 l per stroke, pump lift not more than 5 m and pump thrust of at least 5 m with overboard water discharge. Oily water from the engine compartment is sucked by a hand-held piston pump with a single supply of 0.7 l per stroke to a portable 20 l container stored in the engine compartment.

The boat uses 12 V DC power supply to provide power to the following consumers:

lighting networks;
electric fans;
fire alarm systems;
water availability alarm systems in the engine compartment;
signal lights;
navigation lights;
drinking water systems

To ensure that the main engine starts, during start-up, the batteries are automatically switched in series and a voltage of 24 V is applied to the starter. At the same time, a voltage of 12 V is supplied from one of the batteries to the main switchboard and provides power to all on-board consumers

Ship power station.
Power sources
Two 6STK - 132 rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 132 A/h each, 12 V are used as the main power source, they are recharged from a 12 V voltage generator G-273 mounted on the main engine.
The batteries are installed in the battery box located in the cockpit.
Power distribution.
Power distribution is performed through a two-wire system (except for power wires from the batteries to the starter of the main engine, where the hull of the vessel is used as a return wire) and is carried out through the distribution board 12B-SRS-1E.
12 V DC power distribution is carried out through a 12V-SRS-1E distribution board.
AC 220 V electricity is distributed through a 220V-SRS-1P distribution board.
Channeling and cables.
Channeling of power is carried by out by means of KNR, KNRE cables. The cables are fastened with brackets. The cables are located beneath the covering in the inter-wall space, the covering panels can be quickly removed.
Boat lighting is ensured by 12 V DC network.
Ceiling halogen lights are installed in the rudder ouse and service cabin, besides the cabin is equipped with a bedside lamp.
The toilet and the open cockpit are equipped with waterproof lights


Wastewater from wash basins and sinks that are discharged overboard is used only for washing hands and face, rinsing vegetables and fruits, etc. without the use of synthetic detergents.
Fuel and oil leaks are collected in the bilge waters area of the engine compartment. Bilge waters are drained by means of a manual piston pump with a pump rate of 0,7 l per stroke, the waters are collected in a 20 l tank that is stored in the engine compartment. No valves for emergency discharge of oily water overboard are provided.
Autonomy for collecting fuel and oil leaks is 2 days.


We can change the characteristics of the boat depending on customer requirements.


1 person
Carrying capacity
2.3 t
125 (170) hp
Travel range without refueling
up to 560 km
Fuel tank capacity
2x270 l
Max Speed
Speed Under full load
25 km/h
Speed Without cargo
30 km/h
We deliver boats to the customer anywhere in Russia and the world. We deliver our products in a convenient way by a truck or rail


  • Full displacement - 10 tons
  • Water Jet 100D.201.000A
  • Power 125 (170) hp
  • Dimensions for trailer transportation
  • Smooth start
  • 2 year warranty
  • Engine - diesel YaMZ-238GM2
  • Travel range without refueling up to 560 km
  • Service program
  • High maintainability
  • Fuel tank capacity 2x270 l


2 year warranty

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Yamal Boat is a small-sitting hydro-jet passenger boat.

Navigation area - internal water basins (lakes, reservoirs and rivers, including non-navigable ones) of O class, at a wave height of not more than 1.2 m, operation in daylight.

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