Hovercraft Mars-10

Since 1995 it has been built and delivered:
Mars-10 delivered more than 16 hulls.

Passenger capacity including a navigator: 10 people

Project Mars-10/10E/10EM is the next generation of the well-known project Mars-700/700E.

Our hovercrafts manufacturing is composed of highly qualified specialists of engineering and working professions, capable in a short time and with high quality to perform work on the design, construction and repair of high-speed vessels for various purposes and has its own design and technological base.
The manufacturing includes a production and household building with an area of 5800.5 sq. m., which houses the following areas:
• section of an Assembly-welding works;
• installation area;
• locksmith area;
• wiring area;
• the site of production of fiberglass products;
• painting area;
• the station finishing works;


Construction date: from 1995 year
Location: Russia and European Union