Shipment of MARS-10 hovercraft within the framework of the government contract of Emergencies Ministry

Within the framework of the government contract Nizhny Novgorod AO Flot company has successfully shipped a series of MARS-10 hovercrafts for Emergencies Ministry in December 2019.

The MARS-10 hovercraft is a reliable, highly maneuverable craft capable of performing a wide range of tasks, both everyday and special, in the most extreme weather conditions.

The hovercraft is designed by Nizhny Novgorod shipbuilding company AO Flot as the result of development of previously produced Mars-700 hovercrafts, that has been successfully operated in Russia and abroad for more than ten years. The key difference of the new model are the increased main dimensions (length and hull height), design of the superstructure, passenger capacity, enhanced reliability and improved propulsion/steering units.

Within the framework of the government contract the built hovercrafts were shipped to regions, where four Emergency Ministry units are located: the Crimea Republic, Astrakhan, Volgograd and Tver Oblast.

Advantages of the hovercraft: high cross-country ability and amphibiousness, the ability to carry people and goods through shallow water overgrown, sandbanks, snow and any other relatively flat surface without limiting bearing capacity, including loose snow, rivers and seas during ice drift and ice freezing.

In accordance with the requirements of the Customer, all boats are equipped with additional equipment, winches, navigation, communications, special signal devices. The hovercrafts have got a distinctive color scheme and are equipped with self-unloading trailers for transportation on public roads.

The MARS-10 hovercrafts of the Emergency Ministry will start patrolling the Russian water bodies starting from January 2020. The new crafts will be able to operate at temperature up to minus 35 centigrade. The movement speed of the hovercraft over the ice amounts to 90 km/h and over water up to 70 km/h.


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