October 15-17 2019 the delegates from the Nizhny Novgorod ship-building cluster visited the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy ( Baku)

October 15-17 2019 the delegates from the Nizhny Novgorod ship-building cluster visited the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy ( Baku)
Since it was hard to set up a trip for representatives of almost 40 companies-members of the cluster, only the companies working with the above-deck and electrical equipment and those producing vessels of unfamiliar to Azerbaijan colleagues and the new shipbuilding engineers to-be types took part in the event.
Represented companies and the presentation subjects:
Flot - hovercrafts.
SeaTech - hydrofoil crafts, design technologies, concepts and methods of cooperation with the equipment manufacturers.
CCCP (Ship Building Ship Repair company) - design, production, delivery and service of deck, lifting and crane equipment.
VID company - the concept of the electrical equipment for crafts, integration of electrical component, navigation, communication, automatic equipment. The final product of the integration is the system based on the self designed main distribution board, other power distributing equipment and the shipdriver panel. The complexity scale of the resolved problems was illustrated by demonstration of unique technical solutions in the power and controling system of the Neptune floating dock.
RNK company (from rus. Radio Navigation Complexes) - translation system, installation and commissioning of the conning room equipment and Ecoradar control and oil spill detection system designed for use in the Caspian sea.
SV Sfera - advances in the sphere of vessel automatic equipment through the example of successfully working systems of Neptun floating dock, that almost totally prevent emergencies such as those occurred in Slavyanka settlement or at PD-50 floating dock. . Hardware and software security technologies ensure safety of the dock at each step of dry-docking starting from the winding up and keel blocking, including the operations of submerging, flooding and undocking of the craft. The technologies have proven their reliability and effectiveness over the 5 years of operation having prevented at least two emergencies.
MRS Electronics - presentation of the Company's whole products range. Much attention was paid to the advances in the sphere of fire safety equipment.
SudoSvet (from rus. ShipLight) - an extremely successful trip for the company for it has got a delivery tender for lighting equipment that will be used on ferries and tankers that are being produced in Azerbaijan.
The shared highlight of the companies presentations was the principle of cooperation between suppliers and equipment manufacturers during design that essentially decreases the production time meanwhile increasing the quality of the projects.
Taken from the newsfeed of the Academy at http://adda.edu.az:
The delegation that had come to Baku to discuss possibilities of cooperation with the Azerbaijan Caspian steamship line, delivered interesting presentations for the Academy lecturers and students specialising in ship design.
Petr Ezhov, general director of Sea Tech, made a detailed report on the history of the cooperation with Azerbaijan partners, mentioning that Sea Tech had taken an active part in designing of the Neptune floating dock for the Caspian steamship line.
At the moment the company has established a reliable partnership with the Caspian research institute to maintain various joint development projects. Creation of a new CADMATIC software training laboratory at the Academy can be viewed as a prime example of such cooperation.
According to the reports, the enterprises of the Nizhny Novgorod shipbuilding cluster produce 60% of shipbuilding products in Russia. In accordance with current trends, the direct participation of manufacturing companies in the design of ships and the supply of project-compatible equipment for the shipyard will accelerate the construction process as a whole and reduce the cost of the vessel.
The speeches of heads of companies specializing in this area of shipbuilding were of particular interest to students. The guests answered numerous questions and expressed satisfaction from communicating with young specialists.
During the meeting with the heads of the Academy, such topics as the creation of modern study guides, stands and simulators were also discussed. Another discussed topic was the prospect of cooperation of the Maritime Academy with the Nizhny Novgorod Technical University and the Voronezh State Technical University, which is also a member of the shipbuilding cluster.
From the walls of the Academy, the discussion moved to the CaspMorNIIProekt (Caspian Marine Research institute) and then to Caspian Shipyard.
Since the Azerbaijani colleagues adopted the CADMATIC Marine Solution system as a standard, during the practical seminar on the basis of CaspMorNIIProekt, the specialists of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan analyzed in detail the entire technology of collaboration using the example of this CAD


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