Joint Stock Company Fleet established in 1995 and specializes in the design and manufacture of air cushion vessel (ACV).

The staff of the company includes professionals who have been engaged in the design and creation of hovercraft for over 20 years. With the help of our specialists, more than 20 types of craft were produced and launched.

The production sites are located in NIzhny Novogorod (Russia). 

Our plans

The company is about to launch a product line of extensive modification, which differs not only in the number of seats (from 8 to 25), but also in the goals of the application.  


our philosophy

In addition, it features a modular system that allows the use of the same craft with highly specialized modules, allowing one craft to organize a full-fledged system (for example, to organize a military camp with a field kitchen, a module for accommodation and headquarters).

Company policy

The specialists of AO FLOT are ready to conduct training for your company employees in the management and proper operation of our production boats.
The training program includes a theoretical and practical part. Training can take place both in Nizhny Novgorod as well as in the place of operation of the vessel. To do this, an employee of AO Flot company leaves for the place of operation, launches the vessel, and subsequent organizes a training.

At the moment the production capacities cover the production rate of 100 crafts per year. The production rate can be increased as per request.

The way we create our hovercrafts


Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in designing boats and hovercraft vessels, we employ the advanced 3D-modelling technologies and mold loft method of production to process the structures. We model the compartments and hull structures, mechanisms and units, allocation of structures in the vessel. The production involves the use of laser metal cutting and sheet metal bending technologies. We offer reliable products


The productions sites are outfitted with all the required equipment (for riveting, metalworking, woodworking, painting, composite material production etc.) to produce small crafts. The total area of the production sites amounts to 3000 square meters, where 50 highly experienced specialist do their job to ensure the design and production meet the highest standards.


Each craft is to pass a set of trials: mooring, sea, acceptance. During the trials all the craft's systems and units are adjusted and every drawback is eliminated. After the craft is put into service our specialists analyze the feedback coming from the customers and make necessary upgrades of the craft to ensure the best possible characteristics.

Customer service

"We can customize the characteristics of the hovercraft according to the Customer's requirements. We deliver our hovercrafts to any location in Russia. The delivery can be effected either by freight trucks or trains.



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